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Hi there,

New to the platform and new to the forum. I received my initial kit 2 days ago (very well done design).

My goal / intention is on medical applications. I make class 1 through class 3 medical devices in several fields. I have a few items I am looking at prototyping.

I am roughly 30 to 40% of the way through to the first rough prototype.  I am using the setup to operate as a very small display for a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The CGM is a class 3 PMA device which counts the ions shed off of a glucose / glucose oxidase reaction. These "counts" are aggregated for a period of time, then correlated to a blood sugar value. The device is a body worn sensor which reports wirelessly. A secondary display like I am putting together is class 2. I should have this proto complete and fully operational soon. It will be regular open boards at first. Once my next order arrives (I just put it in), I will use the reduced stack height to build the entire system into a keychain fob.

The goal is to give a diabetic a keychain fob that reports their blood sugar and trend every 5 minutes.  I may add a small pancake motor to draw attention for alerts. Then I will move onto the next device in the queue.

I can see these little systems being great for many practical purposes.


Ribbon Cable Extenders: Can a person get them in short lengths? I am thinking in the range of 1 to 2 inches. I would need this for a later medical prototype.

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Andy, this sounds like an awesome prototype- hopefully you can post a picture or more information when it's further along.

The shortest cables I have seen in stock are 3 inches at , I have not tested them however.


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