TinyArcade OLED Screen for Arduino Uno?


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Hello, I was curious if anyone or the developers for the TinyArcade found a way to make the OLED screen work with an arduino?

I know the pins have VCC, GND, SDA, and CLK, and it takes 3.3V.
However I wanted to know if anyone made example code, libraries, or anything for this cute little screen.

Ben Rose

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Unfortunately for this purpose, those labeled connections are for adding external components to a full TinyArcade setup, not driving the OLED itself. If you just want to use the OLED with some other processor, Adafruit has a great breakout for the 0.96" OLED with lots of software available for $30- Although our TinyScreen+ has the OLED and a built in 32 bit processor and a lot more for $40 :)


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It would take some soldering but could he just add our protosheild to the tinyscreen and solder wires from the protoshield to another arduino?


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