TinyScreen+ with 433 MHz long range radio tinyshield


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I'm trying to run the Robot_Control_Kit_Receiver example on a TinyScreen+.

First, are the files included with the project the same ones in the RadioHead library, or do they have small changes?

Unfortunately, I'm not able to even compile this project even though my "board" setting on the Arduino IDE is set to "TinyScreen+". I obtain the following error:

Code: [Select]
sketch\RadioHead.h:447:29: fatal error: RHutil/atomic.h: No such file or director
#include <RHutil/atomic.h>

I tried changing #include "RH_RF22.h" to #include <RH_RF22.h> to use the original RadioHead library instead of the local copy, but then I obtain the following issue:

Code: [Select]
Robot_Control_Kit_Receiver.ino:110:55: note: in expansion of macro 'ADC'

   int result = (((InternalReferenceVoltage * 1024L) / ADC) + 5L) / 10L;
exit status 1
'ADMUX' was not declared in this scope

Is the 433MHz long range radio tinyshield compatible with the TinyScreen+, and if so, has anyone else experience similar issues?


Ben Rose

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We seem to have overlooked this one. The RadioHead library will not compile for the SAMD21 platform, so I will try to modify at least the basic examples ASAP.


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