TinyDuino Bluetooth STBLE Error: 'BLEsetup' was not declared in this scope


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Hi all,

I followed this tutorial https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Communication/Bluetooth-Low-Energy_TinyShield_Tutorial/

However after importing the library and trying to compile the example code i am getting this error:

'BLEsetup' was not declared in this scope

Seems like STBLE library is missing this BLEsetup(); function.

Any advice?

Kind Regard,


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Hi Rod,

When I removed the STBLE library, I got an error on "STBLE.h" not existing.

I went through the tutorial and added the library the same way it mentions and I didn't run into that error. I tried it with a TinyZero and a TinyDuino. Are you sure the library was downloaded correctly, and that you are programming the board correctly?

If you are still running into this issue, please send more information including what hardware you're using!

Thank you,



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