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I recently bought the parts to build the TinyScreen smartwatch, and I have run into a slight problem with the case. It keeps falling apart. I would glue it, but I have to take it apart to charge the battery, and the USB shield wont fit with the other parts in the case.
Is it possible for a new case to be created for the smartwatch kit that includes room for the USB shield as well as a cut out for accessing the micro USB port? I would try to make it myself, But I don't have access to a 3D printer or the software to modify the model.
If it is possible to make this modified case, it would be appreciated. I just thought I should point this problem out.

Ben Rose

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Sounds like the case is defective- you could definitely request a replacement through

Although if you want to fix it yourself, you could add some small epoxy 'bumps' to the outside of the top case that fit inside the tall parts of the lower case. That's how the newer cases stay together.

We thought about making the case even taller than it currently is, but the people we asked preferred the current size and taking it apart to charge. Fortunately or unfortunately the next revision will probably be intended to fit a TinyScreen+ board, that's the only way we can have USB built in and make it the same thickness or less.


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