Power to TinyShield Dual Motor?


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I am going to be using two Dual Motor Shields (ASD2302-R) on my project.  Do I need to run power to both of the boards or can I run power to just one (and still power all 4 motors)?  The power source is going to be the same for both boards, that is why I am asking.


Ben Rose

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Hi Mark,

Probably, but not necessarily- it depends on motor power. The source is VBATT, which is the '+' silkscreened 0.1" header on the processor board and each motor driver board, but keep in mind those are through the 32 pin connector- it's only rated for 300mA. You can push that rating enormously in a one-off project, but if your motors are much of anything, it's probably best solder a power connection to both motor driver boards(probably a long 0.1" right angle header).

Don't forget to remove/cut one of the address resistors :) let me know how this works for you.



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