Can we make the boards glow in "Black Light"?


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TinyCircuit products are tiny, and therefore, easy to lose. Some fluorescent paint or dye added to the boards would make them easier to find when misplaced. Those of us who are prone to losing things could turn off the main lights, and use a "black light" flashlight to search for the little boards.

Has anyone tried this? Which dyes or paints did you use? Did it work well?

It might take a little trial and error to figure out how to apply the paint or dye so it will last, while simultaneously not interfering with the electronics, or solderability of the TinyShield Proto Board.

Or am I the only one who repeatedly loses their computers and computer accessories? I didn't have this problem in 1982 with the VAX 11/750 I managed in college. So this might be an age thing.


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I keep all my Tiny Circuits in a tackle box with dividers. That way there is a spot for every component and they do not get misplaced.

Completed projects tend to have a glow in the dark case. Not so much to keep from losing them, but I tend to use them a great deal at night and wish to make them easily visible.


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I keep all of mine in project boxes so that they don't get lost.

Black light florescent paint would be fun, but costly. and could be messy. Plus some technicians would mark their rework with a invisible stamp  that has their employee # or initials. that way they can tell who reworked the board. The florescent paint might get in the way of this. Note: we don't have those stamps at tinycircuits. just in case you went looking for them. :)


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