TinyDunio BLE112 Shield Problem


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I was wondering if someone could help me?  I would like to  transmit  serial data from my tinyduino  to an android or I phone.  i purchased the bluetooth LE shield,  from what i understand this is the hardware i need in order to complete the task. I have unfortunately not been successful following their example. I understand that BLE does not work in the same manner as bluetooth classic, i am aware that not all devices are able to discover the BLE module. I have used many pre-programmed BLE host such as lightblue and still havent had any luck. i have also tried to connect the BLE shield without the USB shield attached as well and still no luck. I know that this is possible or else the company would not make the shield. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.


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Hello ,
Try using the nRF Master Control app on Google Play to discover your device & talk to it. The BLE BGLib doesn't need any encryption/ pairing to send and receive data. I am using the GATT_HANDLE_C_TX_DATA handle  and the function call to command attribute write.
the following are the parameters to this function.
/* Function */
void ble_cmd_attclient_write_command(
 uint8 connection,
 uint16 atthandle,
 uint8 data_len,
 const uint8* data_data
my_data is just an array of size 10. Use the following in void loop()

uint8_t result = ble112.ble_cmd_attributes_write(GATT_HANDLE_C_TX_DATA,0, 10,my_data);
Hope this helps,


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If you happen to have the tinyduino accelerometer shield, this blog post should be useful as it has links to an arduino sketch and Android App with full source to get you started.

Link: https://tunjid.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/tinyduino-ble-and-accelerometer-demo/.


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