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Thumby / Launch Multiplayer Games?
« on: November 02, 2021, 06:14:51 AM »
Hello! I've read a topic called "Addition of third-party games to the pre-loaded set?" recently and wanted to elaborate on pre-loaded games a little. I was wondering if any multiplayer games would be available on launch? From what I've seen on Youtube video-reviews there are no multiplayer games or game modes in stock games library on early bird\press edition consoles. Also, I understand that it's almost impossible to make games with such functionality without 2 physical Thumbys and because current IDE version does not support this kind of emulation (from what I know). I understand that multiplayer on Thumby is more of a gimmicky thing but considering hefty amount of multiplayer kit bakers I personally think it would be nice to have at least some kind of demo of a multiplayer game pre-installed or at least available for download at launch.

I would like to hear what others think about this. Please share Your opinions on this topic.

Thumby / Re: NanoMem v1.4 and Question Regarding NanoBird Animation
« on: October 29, 2021, 05:09:12 AM »
Hello, CoolieCoolster! I'm happy to see Your new project! First of all, I must say that You really nailed the design part! I love how although the resolution is so small everything is still easily recognizable and very nice! Fonts, sprites, background - everything! Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer and I can't help You with Your animation implementation challenge. But I do have a small suggestion regarding main menu navigation: It would be nice if selected menu option would blink because when I first started the game it took me a minute to realize what option is currently selected. Also, I suggest changing some menu icons to something more obvious like a gear for settings or a star\trophy cup for high score. 

Thank You very much for Your effort, can't wait to play NanoBird!

Thumby / Re: Thumby Games Store / Publishing
« on: October 29, 2021, 03:47:01 AM »
We definitely want to implement a site or place with all the games that make games easily submittable. We will likely have a GitHub repo for submissions and have a webpage in addition for those that just want to download the games and not mess around too much with the code itself. For now, we internally have a spreadsheet until we implement the final solution.

In the past, we've just put together a webpage on our wiki site for Tiny Arcade & Pocket Arcade games:

Whatever we decide, there will be links to these resources in the web IDE. Do those options sound good, or do you all have some input?


In my opinion this will be enough. The only thing to improve is - to make it easier to find for people who just want to play. For example, let's say I'm not a technical person and I just bought a Thumby (or received it as a gift), I tried all preinstalled games and now I want to try something new. The first thing that comes to my mind - I go to google and type "download Thumby games" or  just "Thumby" and if I don't see any thumby games as a first, second or third result - I will not continue my search. So, it would be nice to make "All Thumby games" page easier to find on google or at least include QR code (that leads to "All Thumby games") written on a small piece of paper with a Thumby. Or to do as N-Dream mentioned and add "More games" on Thumby's main menu with a QR. 

Thumby / Re: Thumby Games Store / Publishing
« on: October 28, 2021, 04:40:54 AM »
This is a very good idea. A user friendly site for downloading games would be very nice or at least separate forum category with ready-to-play finished games (accepted by moderators), their descriptions and screenshots in each thread.

Thumby / Re: TicTacToe game
« on: October 26, 2021, 07:41:24 AM »
i created a TicTacToe game. Was my first programming with Phyton. You can find it here

Feedback is welcome ;)

Hello! I've tried Your TicTacToe game and I thank You very much for making it and sharing it with us! Here are a couple of my thoughts and suggestions in case You are planning to continue developing this game:
* I really like the minimalistic look of Your game; however, I would suggest making "lose\win\draw" announcements non-transparent or move it somewhere or change font because currently it blends with TicTacToe's board and is barely readable.
* It would be nice to be able to rematch without the need to restart the system\emulator.
* In future updates I would like to see a mode with a bigger board and the target to connect four "x"\"o".

Good luck with Your game!

Thumby / Re: Thumby Smash Version 5
« on: October 26, 2021, 07:21:48 AM »
Hello! I'm happy to see a new version of Thumby Smash! I really dig a variety of new options available! I have a couple more bugs to report though:
* When scrolling main menu or options menu, I've noticed that cursor is able to go offscreen (up or down) and scroll to infinity.
* When You win\lose a fight there is no way to get back to the menu other than restart the system (emulator). I suggest adding "rematch" and "back to menu" options or just bring up character selection screen right after "you won\you lose" screen.
* "Damage when out of bounds" mode seems to work wrong for me. Character doesn't take any damage offscreen apart from enemy attacks. Also, I feel like "out of bounds" area should be limited (currently it is unlimited)

Hey, thanks for reading my suggestions and Your comments! I'm not a programmer myself and I never thought how knockback worked. This is quite more complex and interesting than I thought, thanks for explaining!
Besides, I just wanted to elaborate on collision detection a little bit. What I meant was when one character can't walk through another one, instead he is pushing him. In my opinion this will make fights feel much better.
I'm really hyped for the next version now =)

Thumby / Re: First Finished Build of NanoMem
« on: October 22, 2021, 05:41:05 AM »
This is the most playable third party game I came accross so far! I tried it on emulator and really liked it! So simple and addictive. It's great, thank You very much! Also, I really dig fonts on title screen =D

Thumby / Re: Invader Test
« on: October 22, 2021, 04:07:47 AM »
Hello! I've just tried Your demo on an emulator and I must say that It's very nice and very playable! Also, I was amazed at how good Your code is commented! I'm not a programmer myself but even for me It was very interesting and informative to read. My only suggestion would be to make player's character move just a bit faster. I really hope to see a full version on this game!

Hello! First of all, thanks for Your effort I really like the idea and awesome sprites with attitude =) I’ve just tried Your game out on the emulator and here's what I got to say:
Suggestions to add:
* "Get ready" timer at the beginning of the fight.
* Training mode or a small how-to-play tutorial option
* Jump animation (jumping feels very jerky and weird). Also, I'm not sure what the premise of the jump is? I couldn't find any reason to jump.
* Invincibility time (after damage is taken) and\or attack animation. You really need these in order to have a playable fighting game IMHO.
* Walls? Not sure about this one but I'm sure that You either need to add walls or fix how off-screen part of the screen works. [/li][/list]

Suggestions to change:
* Overall pace of the game. I suggest You slowing it down at least a bit because it's very hard to understand what's going on on the screen and make an adaptive decision and I suppose playing it on an actual screen would make it even harder.
* Make transparent sprites or at least smaller-resolution ones for smaller characters (playing as Apex feels great)
* Collision detection.

Suggestions to fix:
* When fighting as Zap vs Apex it feels like hit detection is sometimes off especially if you fight at the edge of the screen.
* Knockback works seemingly random\very unpredictable. This might not be a bug but to me it feels like it.

Good luck with Your project! Looking forward for a new version =)

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