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New Product Ideas / Tiniest possible arduino
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:31:07 AM »
Recently I've discovered this design for a 0.4" x 0.4" arduino compatible board:

My proposal:
  • a similarily sized Tinyduino, possibly powered by a small battery cell
  • a neopixel addon board which can be soldered to the bottom side of the board (using spacers)


After implementing the battery voltage read-out from
I noticed that the TinyScreen keeps running even on a very low battery level (below 3.5V).

Is there a threshold built into the board that shuts it off after reaching a critical voltage, or does it run until it falls below 3.3V due to being out of power?
Is that ok for the battery life or should we implement some kind of shutdown on a different voltage level?


New Product Ideas / TinyScreen++
« on: June 08, 2018, 05:56:28 AM »
Hey folks,

first of all, thanks for these great products :)
So my suggestion would bascially be this:
  • TinyScreen+ with the upcoming mini connector
  • onboard eeprom (as an option maybe?)
  • Sharp Color ePaper (like in Pebble Time)

The important part here is the sharp color display.
The ePaper display is not the same as an eInk display. It features a normal refresh rate like LCDs but still comes with a very low power consumption on static images and good daylight visibility. Because of that it requires backlight for visibility in darkness.

It was used on the pebble time and any product after that, featuring good refresh rates, low power usage, and I think also 16 bit colors.

I could not find it on the sharp website, but might be worth a call or mail to ask for pricing and possibilities. The display itself should not be bigger than the wifi Tinyduino board.


I have two TinyScreen+ for my project, but it looks like both are running a different version of the bootloader.
When I go into the bootloader mode on both, one of them shows a black screen, while the other prints a text like "Bootloader Mode".

Is there an easy way of getting access to the latest bootloader and updating the tinyscreen with it?
It's just difficult to make out if the Tinyscreen is running in Bootloader mode of being turned off when there is nothing on the screen.



I'm working on a project involving the TinyScreen+ and the EEPROM board.
I plan to remove the bottom expansion port of the EEPROM board to save some millimeters in space. and this way can access the pins easier, which brings me to my question:

Is it possible to hook something up to the IO8 pin (25 on the connector) directly?
I plan to attach a piezzo buzzer for 8 bit audio and want to save as much space as possible.

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