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New Product Ideas / Re: Tiny "Retro Cable Box" for CRT televisions.
« on: February 28, 2024, 04:12:17 AM »
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a small world cup
I have set up a few 13 inch CRT  televisions as novelty or decor items for my friends. I outfit them with an analog TV converter box with a USB media player. They play old video footage on USB.

The Tiny TV style player would be so much better for these things. Loading up a bank of retro "cable" channels, Startup and go with no menu diving (the menus the analog converters have are difficult to view on small CRT's anyway) and having the channel flipping action like the Tiny TV has would be awesome & nostalgic. My old analog converters work like a media player rather than a retro cable box.
Compared to converter boxes designed for various purposes, the Tiny TV is specifically built for this nostalgic experience, potentially offering better compatibility and a more streamlined user experience.

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