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TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Tiny Screen Buttons
« on: December 14, 2021, 12:10:54 AM »
Hey all,
So I recently have gotten into making pieces and accessories for action figures. I’m super excited with the products that Tiny C has to offer and incorporating them into my pieces. I have a couple of questions in regards  to the hard button on the Tiny Screen. I want to use the tiny screens  in some of my control surfaces and vehicles. But with my projects (at least the way they are designed right now) it would be hard to access the buttons on the tiny screen, like the on/off switch. Wondering how much of an issue is this? Like, can I install the tiny screen with the on/off switch “permanent ly” in the ON position? I most definitely will be using the IR remote so I still have control of the screen. I’m just trying figure out just how much redesign i have to do to accommodate the screen. I’m hoping I can just get away with designing a port for recharging.

Any direction or advice is greatly welcomed!!!
Thanks everyone

TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / My Video player freezes on fuzz too
« on: December 13, 2021, 11:44:34 PM »
Hello all.  Diving into my first Tiny project (hopefully the first of many). Im experiencing a frozen screen when I switch between some, not all, of the channels. It doesn’t happen with the vids that came preloaded. I’ve taken the preloaded off and back onto the sd card and all works fine. But when I load my own converted vids I get freezes. I’ve tried reconverting them,  adjusted the file name and even re-exported my original videos to make them a smaller file size before converting them for the tiny screen. But still get the same results. Any other tricks I can try? I know there’s a character limit but is there file size limit?

Thanks for any help!!!

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