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Hi all,

I just want to update you with the status of this. It seems like the problem was not with the circuits, but with the usage of the IDE. The issue is that when you use one set and then swap another one it connects with a new port, the IDE still has the ‘old’ port set, therefore any download will fail since it is sending to the wrong port. The rule is when swapping a board check your assigned port it will have changed, and select the newly added one.

Apologies to Tinycircuits and ICSAT UK for giving them extra work!


Thanks Ben,

I am in the UK and bought the boards through ICSAT (who have been super helpful by the way). Should I send the 2 nonworking USB boards back for investigation?



Here is the wiring setup I am using and the error I get when trying to upload a simple sketch to just the uP/USB (in case it was the motor board causing an issue). I have tried 4 different cables to check if it is a cable problem and 2 different uP boards. The USB boards are Rev 4 (ASC2101) and processor Rev 6 (ASM2001).


Hi all,

I am trying to develop a simple motor controller system using the Tinyduino. To date I have had 2 USB boards fail on me (in 2 weeks). Is there an inherent weakness in these boards?

I get a "problem uploading to board" message (didn't get this initially as it was working so they arrived in working order), and a PC warning about "Power Surge on Hub Port". I am getting close to giving Tinyduino up as a bad show and going back to Arduino, but wanted to see if there is something I can do to continue with the Tinyduino as its size suits my project.



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