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How does a noob like me edit the code to make the TnyTV display double digit channel numbers?
What I mean is currently the TinyTV displays channels 0 to 9. I would like to change that to channel 0 to 20 or 1 to 20.
I Found one section in the Sketch for channel numbers that says something like 0 to 10 but when I change the 10 to something higher, only special characters are displayed beyond channel 9 on the TinyTV and are still in single digits.

I did it. Heres the fix.

void showChannelNumber() {
  char channelString[] = "00";
     channelString[0]+= currentFileNum/10;
  channelString[1] += (currentFileNum % 10);
  int yOffset = 50;
  int xPosition = 80;
  int xWidth = display.getPrintWidth(channelString);

This fix was to use my previous changes and also uncomment the forward slashes /

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« on: May 11, 2020, 06:42:32 PM »
Where can I get the Tiny TV code for my Tinyscreen+ please? I purchsed the Tinyscreen+ kit only to find out that it does not function the same as my Tiny TV. I am stick in video player mode on my tinyscreen + kit and I can not get the settings menu to pop up, so I cant change it to tiny TV mode. I think maybe the firmware on the kit is incomplete compared to the tiny tv.

I also have a problem with my Tiny TV when I add a lot of videos, when changing the channels, on the second pass, channel 2 is displayed twice. I would like to look at the code to see if i can do some kind of simple fix since I dont know how to code from scratch.

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