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Got the BLE Dongle.  Windows 8.1 Bluetooth settings sees the  My Arduino 7F:6F:8B!  Yay!  I can click on the Pair button and when I do the Tiny circuits device starts double flashing , indicating a "connection".  Eventually, Window's Bluetooth Settings widow comes back and says "That didn't work, check to see if device is still discoverable".  At the same time the Tiny circuits device goes back to blinking once.  How can I get the device to Pair with windows 8.1?  Thanks. 

Thank you so much!  I just downloaded the BLExplorer app on my iPhone and it is seeing the tinyduino.  Now if there is a way to connect to my PC, that is my real goal.  Thanks

I just got the tinyduino starter kit. I also got the rev 2 Bluetooth LE.   I downloaded the code from the tutorial that is supposed to make it discoverable into the processor using the usb shield .  I remove the usb shield and am using just the processor board and the Bluetooth LE.  I have a fresh CR1632 in the coinholder.   The problem is, my PC (which is running windows 8.1) is not seeing the device.  My iPhone is not seeing the device either.  I also have an Arduino uno with another Bluetooth board ( not LE) and it is being seen by my PC.  I've been beating my brains out on this , please  Help!

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