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Thanks! Here's a shot of the work in progress on what I'm really making

I'm only in the prototype stage for the project, but I have a working proof of concept build of it now, although it doesn't have the entire scene, just the tv right now, but it's working great - modeled it in zbrush, and then printed it on a resin printer and then did some quick paint tests...I'll send an update once the real build is done, but here is a link to a video of the prototype:

Awesome, I think I understand - one protoboard into the the tv board then another that has the connections into that protoboard - i saw that there are wired connectors too, so I suppose if room for the board is not an issue I could use the wire connector from the tv to the protoboard and the mount the sd board right below that...anyway, I think I get it now.

Also, sorry for the dumb questions - on the protoboard should I be soldering wires directly to board, or should I be using some sort of header pins or something for those?

Thanks! that is awesome. But I have additional questions. So, I have the tiny video kit, and it comes with the TV board, and the then another board where the battery plugs in. That board connects to the tv board but it does not have another one of those stackable containers - so if I wanted to add a protoboard to this, I assume I would have to get one that has connectors on each side, and then put the protoboard in the middle? which seems would be a little awkward for the soldered wires but I guess would be doable? Is the right way to do it?

I should clarify, I also do not want to control it with a remote.

Newbie at this, wondering if there is a way to add external buttons to the buttons on the sides of the video player. Where I'm putting it won't be accessible to those buttons, but I would like to be able to use other buttons connected by wires to access those controls - is it possible to add additional switches to the screen?

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