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Just to close this off and an FYI for the Forum, emailed the TinyCircuits chaps in a very timely manner they sent out a new screen unit and am now up and running with my tiny Arcade cabinet!

Excellent support!



Can't get any connection to the PC now - but the components have been prodded and poked quite a bit now.#

...I'll drop a line to the email you suggested Ben

cheers PJ

Thanks Ben,

Ah! betraying my out-of-date knowledge about screen technology...didn't notice any output prior to assembly (in fact toggled the screen on / off switch during build where it mentions in the instructions "screen may come on when you plug in the battery" - but didn't see anything, assumed that was because the battery didn't have any charge!).

..let me see if I can get the project hooked up to my host PC via USB and try loading the new menu. I'll let you know



was very excited to get my Tiny Arcade kit yesterday, have a problem though...after assembly managed to link it up to my PC and load the demo (couldn't find it later, but that's a problem for another day), but the screen isn't working - or so I thought, on closer inspection, the screen IS displaying something (red box, text, bouncing ball? - very difficult to see) but the back light is either set to VERY low or isn't working at all. Only get this when the USB lead is plugged in (showing an amber LED) - nothing otherwise.

Am I doing something wrong or is my screen duff?


Paul Jackson

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