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The Video menu and video player ino's on codebender both pull data from an SD card to save flash memory space on the TinyDuino. You could send the data to the screen through the serial interface, however the data might not be transferred fast
enough to display smooth videos, however I don't know for sure since I have not tried it yet.
You can use any MicroSD card and SD adapter you want, they all work with our microSD shield.

Good to hear the library installation worked! As for the FlappyBirds we have been having a bit of trouble with the newest
update to the Arduino IDE. Could you let me now what FlappyBird ino you are using as well as what version of the IDE you
have? There are a few other sketches that use the same type of video buffering here
and here .

Hope this helps!



The Maxim chip on the RTC uses has pins 2 and 3 used as interrupt pins for the output. If you don't need interrupts you can remove the R4 and R5 resistors that are tie pins 2 and 3 to VCC on the RTC board. This should let you use both boards together.


when changing the directories the cd command is being used. When the conversion happens the command used is
" ./ color.gif "  without the quotes. If you are running on Windows you need to use Cygwin due to a conflict between windows and Imagemagik commands. Another thing to note, is if you are using the video player ino, you need to specify the file you want to read while the video menu ino looks at all the files on your SD card.

The link here should be able to help out when installing new libraries. I manually install them so in order for the IDE to see them I have to restart it.

Hope this helps!

I've got most of a space invaders code down. I just need to add a few details such as a death screen, score counter and have the invaders shoot back. Here this sketch let me know what you guys think!

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