BLE pin conversion kit

BLE pin conversion kit
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:34:02 PM »
Hi There,

I would like to convert my Bluetooth Low Energy TinyShield v2 to use the 0 and 1 pins instead of the 3 and 4 pins.  I would also like to try to use the Reset option.  Does anyone know where to easily purchase the 0 ohm resistors here in the US.  I presume a small piece of copper may be substituted for the 0 ohm resistors, but I have read some threads that make arguments to actually use the components.

I propose that TinyCircuts include these components in the BLE package, but that is just me.  If they will send me the parts, or if anyone has a link to a supplier that can ship them out quickly without charging an arm and a leg for three little resistors, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am enjoying this dev platform and appreciate all the work that went into the design.  One more comment I would like to make is that it would be great if you guys at TinyCircuts would add which I/O pins each component uses to the "compatibility matrix" spreadsheet.  Having that reference (and if the assigned pins are changeable as in the BLE v2 tinyshield) would make designing stacks of components quite a bit easier.

Thanks and take care...  eric

Re: BLE pin conversion kit
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Dount you can make the shield use the 0 & 1 pins from a hardware and software perspective:

Hardware because it was already made like that.
Software because the 0 & 1 pins are needed for serial communication by the microcontoller.

Re: BLE pin conversion kit
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Thank you for the reply, but I don't completely understand.  The website says "it can instead be connected to pin 0 if the R6 jumper is cut and a 0 ohm resistor is added to R4" and it can instead be connected to pin 1 if the R7 jumper is cut and a 0 ohm resistor is added to R5.  Are you saying this can be accomplished by code and the hardware modifications are not necessary?  I would really appreciate it if someone would add a link to a tutorial with pictures that illustrates the procedure if it is necessary. 
Thank you very much for any information...  eric