Tinyduino and Buzzers


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Hello all. 

This is my first post and I am a bit new to Arduino based system design, but am an old IT hat and hope to learn quickly.  The TinyDuino is really a neat design and I am trying to design a device that includes a sound component and a vibrating component among other features.

I purchased several proto shields in addition to the Motor x4 shield and others.  I did get a small piezo buzzer(adafruit Small Wire Piezo #1740) to work on a proto shield, but would really like to condense the vibrating motor and the buzzer onto one proto board.  Is it possible to drive the buzzer from the Motor x4 shield?  For the record, I am using a Vibe Motor #1201.

Searches did not yield anything about buzzers on the tinyduino boards and thought it may be helpful to some beginners like me to discuss implementing buzzers in different ways.  I would like to learn ways to integrate buzzers into any existing shields (like the Motor x4 or another sensor / actuator shield).

Thanks to all.  eric


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