TinyDuino LED not working with Blink example

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Update: I misread the R1 value initially. And the cheap voltmeter from home mislead me into seeing a toggling SCK pin.
Using my work gear, R1 now reads correctly at 1KOhm, and I was able to trace the problem back to a poorly soldered down pin 17.

I just got my TinyDuino from Makershed at the Maker Faire. The Arduino Blink example did not work.

My board is an ASM2001 rev 5.

I checked the schematics of ASM2001+ASD2101 and the LED is hooked up to SCK via R1. SCK (pin 13 as per http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping168) leads to the ICSP connector which is toggling as expected.
A diode test with my voltmeter turns the LED on.
The resistance of R1 reads as 1MOhm! Schematics of ASM2001 rev6 say it should be 1KOhm.
ASM2001 rev5 is not checked into github.

Is the ASM2001 rev5 board not a happy board?
Are the changes between rev5 and rev6 easy enough for me to do or should I just get a replacement?
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