WiFi shield connection problem

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Hi Everyone!

I am new to this forum and I have done various Arduino projects but none of them have included WiFi so far. I now started a project to create a small web enabled temperature controller for our greenroom ventilation fan that can be fitted inside a wall switch enclosure. So far I have just made initial testing of the processor and WiFi shield.

The WiFi shield is the problematic one - I have two different wireless networks one with a A-Link WNAP 3G router and the other with a Zyxel NBG4604 router. I have been using the Adafruit Buildtest-sketch and modified the the pin connections. In unsecured mode it is possible to connect to both routers but using WPA or WPA2 fails for both routers.

The build test just hangs forever when trying to connect to the network at the code

Code: [Select]
  if (!cc3000.connectToAP(WLAN_SSID, WLAN_PASS, WLAN_SECURITY)) {

without any error messages. I have also tried to increase the timeout to 30000 - no change.

I have also tried the SmartConfig -sketch and there it connects to the network and the mac address is visible in the router but
the code hangs here again indefinitely requesting DHCP.

So both secure connection options fails to both routers... tried to get a connection now for a whole day without success.

Anyone with a hint in the right direction?


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