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I have used Arduino Uno etc for SD files and audio before,  but am new to TinyCircuits.
I was hoping to use the Tinyduino processor board with the Tiny Micro SD to play audio WAV or MP3 files but instead of using a DAC, PWM or R2R for audio output,  send the audio sample data direct to the Tiny Bluetooth module which would then send it over Bluetooth to a Bluetooth speaker. I assume this would be PCM input..??. If this would work it would avoid having to include DAC, audio amplifier and speaker within my project. Bluetooth speakers have become very cheap and popular and are easily available in the local shops.

I would be grateful for any feedback if anyone has any experience of doing this or are the Tiny boards able to do it.???

I assume I need to control the reading of the SD file by the TinyDuino. Do I need to control the rate of playing/sending the data to the Bluetooth module (as you would for DAC) or does the Bluetooth module control that from the link to the speaker.???
Is there anywhere online I can get example sketches for arduino or the bluetooth module for audio. Any examples I find are for serial data link using Serial.print etc...???  I assume this would not work for audio.....or would it.???
Thanks in anticipation....


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Also can you read sound files from the EEPROM module?

Ben Rose

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I'll ignore the 2014 OP :) Using the EEPROM board or FLASH board we'll have out shortly would require writing software to load the EEPROM/FLASH and rewriting the WaveHC library to load from EEPROM- but luckily you would be making it a lot more simple than it currently is(no buffering required).


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