Possible Board I2C Conflict


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Will the following 2 boards conflict with one another on the I2C bus without changing address resistors (i.e....out of the box)?

 Dual Motor TinyShield  ASD2302-R-C

 Wireling Adapter TinyShield  ASD2022



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No, they will not conflict with each other out of the box. The Wireling Adapter TinyShield (ASD2022) Mux chip uses address 0x70 and the Dual Motor TinyShield (ASD2302-R-C) uses address 0x62. I checked this by looking at the header files of the respective libraries:

Internally, we've made sure that none of the I2C addresses for our products conflict with each other, but we haven't done a very good job of communicating that externally. I've realized we do not have the Wireling Adapter TinyShield listed in the compatibility matrix (https://learn.tinycircuits.com/TinyDuino_Overview/#tinyshield-compatibility), oops! I will add that to the list of things to change. In the meantime, I've listed the I2C addresses of the boards on the product pages for anyone else looking into this use case.

I hope that helps!



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