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Im a beginner programmer and this is my first time using an arduino compatible MC. I am trying to use the Tinyduino low energy bluetooth shield to send data to a phone or at least connect to it. After running the code the shield isnt showing up on the phone. My questions are:
1) Is it possible I am doing something wrong the reason it is not discoverable on my phone? (using the iphone 5 or macbook pro)
2) Would it better for me to order the regular bluetooth shield?
3) After getting it connected would it be possible to send data from the Tinyduino using the bluetooth shield?

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Hello!  My team had some similar issues earlier on.  You've probably moved on by now, but this might help if you have not altered your design by now.

1) Both the iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro (if late 2013 or later) have BT 4.0 compatibility.  My team got a 4.0 compatible computer to recognize our BTLE device, but it did not connect at any point.  The most likely issue is on the software side of the TinyDuino.

2) Yes.  Unless your power budget is low, going to classic Bluetooth gives greater range, is less taxing on the processor, and it is overall much easier to deal with.

3) Definitely.  Although not easy (my team has run into some connectivity issues dealing with data transmission rates not necessarily lining up with what they should, in a perfect world, be), it is certainly possible to do so. 


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