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Hi all,

Currently I am working on the custom fitness tracker and I have bought all necessary parts needed for custom fitness tracker except the Tinyscreen+ processor . I was given a Tinyscreen tinyshield and TinyZero ASM2021. I was told that I have to use either the Tinyscreen tinyshield or the TinyZero ASM2021 for my project. I understand that Tinyscreen Tinyshield does not work for Custom Fitness tracker so I am left with the TinyZero ASM2021 for battery and USB connection. My question is can I buy the Tinyscreen+ processor as my display only since Tinyscreen Tinyshield does not work and use TinyZero ASM2021 as my battery  and USB connection? Any help would be appreciated!


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There should be a block of code toward the top of the Fitness Tracker program that looks something like this:

/Library must be passed the board type
//TinyScreenDefault for TinyScreen shields
//TinyScreenAlternate for alternate address TinyScreen shields
//TinyScreenPlus for TinyScreen+
TinyScreen display = TinyScreen(TinyScreenDefault);

If you edit the display variable name to match the TinyScreen TinyShield, I believe the program will work other than the battery voltage section that is specific to the TinyScreen+ processor hardware.

If you were to purchase the TinyScreen+ processor for this project, you would only need to use the TinyScreen+ and not include the TinyZero in the hardware stack since each board is a processor board.


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