Tiny Zero: Serial monitor shows no output using ASCIITable example


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I have a Tiny Zero and I've gotten the "blink" example to work so I know the board is responding fine, but when I try to connect with the serial monitor I do not see any output.  I'm using the ASCIITable example and I expect to see output in the Serial Monitor but the screen stays blank.  I also tried Tera Term.

The COM port associated with the Tiny Zero is showing up in both the Arduino IDE and Tera Term so I'm sure the device is connected.

What am I missing?


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For SAMD processors, like the one used in the TinyZero, you will need to use the SerialUSB object instead of the Serial object. For example, use:

SerialUSB.println("Hello World");

rather than

Serial.println("Hello World");

Let me know if that solves your problem or not!



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