Unable to Play Converted .tsv Files?


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I'm currently having trouble playing converted .tsv files on my TinyTV.

I uploaded the video player correctly, as the sample .tsv files that came preloaded on the card play perfectly.

The converted .tsv files are placed in the main directory in the SD card, however I get the following error message when the Tiny TV is turned on:
"No video files! Place .tsv files in main directory."

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I was unable to find any relevant topics in the forums. Thank you!


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Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the TSV Converter.

Do you still have all of the sample .tsv files on the SD card? I would recommend keeping those toward the top since that is what the TinyTV will play when first turned on, and testing new videos by adding them at the bottom of the list, or second to .tsv files you know work.

I would make sure the SD card is pushed all the way in (it can be hard to tell when inserting it into the TinyTV enclosure slot), and then make sure the SD & Audio TinyShield is stacked with the TinyScreen+. The 32-pin tan connecter could be loose which would explain the error -> No SD TinyShield, no .tsv files able to be read.

Let me know if that helps!



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