Need help identifying this tinyduino component/module

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Hello friends, I'm new to the forum.
...but not new to tinycircuits.

 I am using tinyduino currently with the following modules:
1) asm2001 rev9 (tinyduino power switch + battery connector)
2) asd2101 rev6 (micro usb connector)
3) asd2116 rev1 (BLE)
4) asd2431 rev5 (display)
5) asd2018 rev4 (unused)

the setup is working for my needs. however, i have noticed i have an unused module.

it has the writings "ICSP ASD2018 Rev4". it seems like  a PCB with 6 pins (MISO,VCC,SCK,MOSI,RST,GND).

i would like to integrate it to my project.

Compared to the other modules, i feel that the codes for this particular module cant be found online. For example, I have found several codes for the BLE module and thats how i integrated it into my project.

could any kind soul here point me to the right direction with a sample code or website link where i can refer to in order to utilise this "ICSP ASD2018 Rev4" module?

i just need a basic/simple tutorial on controlling an LED or something with the VCC and GND pins.

Thank you very much  ;D

(please see the attachment for a photo of the module in question)


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The TinyShield in question is a semi-custom board that is meant for use with an AVR programmer.

For this reason, there is no documentation or example code on our website. You can look at this website for some general information:




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