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Hi all,

I'm becoming a fan of these tinycircuits, but I am a novice when it comes to writing my own code. I received the Tiny Saber kit as a gift and loved it. I purchased the tinyscreen+ in to tinker with what I can get from it. I saw the smartwatch and video player builds for the tinyscreen, but I wanted to put both the saber and screen inside an old Nintendo Gameboy for music making purposes.

The main goal is to have the TinyScreen have its own music selection screen, reading the .mp3 or .wav files from the Micro SD card. And when the song is playing, have a screen that displays:

-track playing (Name, Duration)
-Song time code (00:00:00)
-progress bar of song playing (time left in song and time point in song)
-Pause option (ability to continue playing song selected if returned to the music selection screen)
-exit song playing screen to get next song ready to play (song plays next immediately after or through cross fade)

The visuals below show what I'm looking for. They follow the pixelXpixel (96x64) tinyscreen+ display.

---Music Selection Menu---

Basically the same as the video player menu, Name of files from SD card shows with an arrow that can scroll down between them.

-Upper Left Button- move arrow up

-Bottom Left Button- move arrow down

-Upper Right Arrow- Select song, start playing song, move to Track Playing Screen. If the song that is playing is the file selected, song restarts.

-Bottom Right Arrow- when pressed, the file that the arrow is currently gets highlighted a color (TBD color, yellow, whatever...) to show that that is the next song to play IF the arced arrow is shown in the Track Playing Screen.

If a song is playing and there is inactivity for 10-15 seconds on the Music Selection Screen, it moves to the Track Playing Screen.

---Track Playing Screen---

-Upper left Button- the top left Square ( Stop ) alters via upper left button press to go to next song after the current song is finished and stop playing after song ends (return to menu selection screen). When the arced arrow is shown ( play next song on SD Card at the end of current playing track) at the bottom, the next song that will play is shown.

-Bottom Left Button- when pressed, goes back to menu selection screen, the music still plays though, like an ipod does

-Upper Right Button- cycles, when pressed, between crossfade audio tracks at the last 3 seconds into the first 3 second of the next song and "hard play" which is one after another, no overlap ( normal ).

-Bottom Right Button- pause and play, when pressed pauses, pressed again continues playing

-Progress bar.. you know what this does

I know this is possible with the TinyScreen, given the video player, smart watch, and Tiny Tetris builds, but I'm not sure where to start coding wise. Anyone lend a hand? This is my end goal, but any process of getting the Tinyscreen and microSD Shield to play my music between 2 screens ill be happy.

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