Viobyte (Pac-Man Clone)

Viobyte (Pac-Man Clone)
« on: August 31, 2017, 09:43:05 AM »

Since Asteroids and Space Invaders are already available, I decided to make a Pac-Man clone. It's not quite complete yet. You can eat dots and ghosts can kill you. No power pellets. The tunnel to the other side of the screen doesn't work. Score and lives are not displayed.

Thanks to zet23t for his simulator and jonwingrove for his sprite library.

Viobyte's Description: You are a computer virus trying to steal as much data as possible. The system is defended by the Generic Host Offensive Software Terminators (GHOST).

Code: https://github.com/dulsi/viobyte

Simulator used for development: https://github.com/dulsi/tinyscreensim
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Re: Viobyte (Pac-Man Clone)
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I forgot to post that I wrote an article describing some of my development of viobyte.

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Awesome game!  Thanks for making this, look forward to the final version!

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I assembled the TinyArcade and did a quick port of the Viobyte. Code is not available yet. Speaker makes a noise while it is running. Not sure why. The game works but the TinyArcade doesn't register the diagonal direction very well (or maybe my code is wrong). Without that the game is really hard. I think it may also be running faster than on the tinyscreen video game kit but that can be tweaked easily.