Platformio support for TinyScreen+

Platformio support for TinyScreen+
« on: July 17, 2017, 06:21:35 PM »
Hi everyone.  I am having trouble uploading an Arduino sketch to the TinyScreen+ using platformio.  The upload is successful but the TinyScreen+ will not boot.  If I use the Arduino ide the upload and boot is just fine. 

I looked into the output of both the Arduino ide and platformio when uploading and everything is the same except for the size of the firmware.  The platformio .bin is bigger by 2 pages.  Does this matter also why the successfully upload but no boot when uploading using platformio?

Here is my platformio.ini:

Code: [Select]
lib_deps_builtin =
lib_deps_external =

platform = atmelsam

board = mkrzero

framework = arduino

lib_deps =

Thank you

Re: Platformio support for TinyScreen+
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I've had issues with finding any real documentation, on these forums or even project websites. I'm begininng to think this was a scam that some how made it.

I got a tiny arcade just a day ago and it just shut off and I can't get it back on or let alone arduino to detect the board is plugged in.

GL getting your info.

Re: Platformio support for TinyScreen+
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This is an issue for me too. I've had many problems getting platformio working with the board. Any update?

Re: Platformio support for TinyScreen+
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Nothing yet.  I am a little bummed for the lack of support but the Arduino CLI is a good alternative.  https ://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/CommandLine
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Re: Platformio support for TinyScreen+
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Upvote for PlatformIO support. The Arduino IDE is painful to use as a project gets larger and needs to organize into subdirectories with lots of individual source code files. PlatformIO is a fantastic option, and it can *partially* work using the "mkrzero" board type in build options, but the pinouts are different, so things like I2C don't work properly when building with that board type.