Blynk over Nordic BLE

Blynk over Nordic BLE
« on: February 07, 2017, 06:08:18 PM »
Has anyone been able to get Blynk with a Tiny Circuits processor and the Nordic BLE board?
Its BLE support is in beta. However, it does support the Nordic chip with the BLEperipheral library using its BLESerial example. The Nordic BLE TinyShield is even listed in its compatible hardware section.
I have tried it with both the TinyScreen+ and my original TinyDuino proc. The BLESerial library starts fine and it advertises fine and I'm able to connect to it with my Android device. However, not data will flow. Blynk just hangs with it continuing trying to connect as shown in its debug output. I also tried the BLESerial example sketch with the Nordic UART Android app and that's where I realized no data is flowing even though it connects and indicates a status of connected.

The example sketch from the Tiny Circuits tutorial that uses the Nordic libraries directly works just fine by echoing data between serial and BLE.


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Hi Rob,

Interesting- I'm getting similar results with BLEPeripheral. I've used it in the past without problems like this. I tried rolling back the library to 0.2.0 and 0.1.8 without any change(connects, no errors, but no data through API) but have not tried older IDE versions, this is something to look into.

As far as Blynk, hopefully it works once the issue is figured out, I have not tried it through BLE.


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Thanks for checking Ben. Should I reach out to the maintainer of BLEPeripheral?

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I did find a PC in the office with IDE 1.6.6 and BLEPeripheral. Same issue- maybe we're making a simple mistake, but I don't see it after a bit of digging, so it may make sense to ask and see if anyone else is having issues with nRF8001- things are working fine for me with a NRF52 based board.