WIFI Shield

WIFI Shield
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I'm trying to use the wifi shield, but it seems to be getting stuck at the initialize state in the buildtest (adafruit library).  Can someone help me out?  I've declared all the appropriate pins, changed the SSID and Password, but it starts the code, then stops at the initialize face.

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Sorry about the delay here- are you using the standard TinyDuino or TinyScreen+? If it's a TinyDuino, can you try through codebender and see if you have a different result? https://codebender.cc/sketch:37434

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   Sorry, took me a little while to respond.  (Side question, is there a way to set up email notifications of when these are answered?).  Below is what I get when I run the NTPTime Example Sketch.  I'm not sure what it means by "Failed to get a socket".  The code doesn't have this phrase in it, so I'm assuming it is being broadcast from the site. 
   I also noticed some initializing text that didn't show up in the feedback from the device.  I am using the Tiny WIFI shield, the Battery Processor Shield, and the standard USB board.

DI�Firmware V. : 1.32

Deleting old connection profiles

Attempting to connect to ABERLY
Request DHCP
Failed to get a socket
exit sntp.update
m_std_UTC_offset.seconds: FFFFB9B0
m_dst_UTC_offset.seconds: FFFFC7C0

Closing the connection

My goal:  I just want to create a gps tracker that transmits the location via wifi to my computer or a website.  I also have a question about converting the bod rate between the two devices.  The GPS operates at 9200 and the wifi at 115200.  If any one wants to take a stab at helping this beginner.
Side Note:  I did try the codebender.cc script, but it was having an issue locating the library.

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This doesn't address your actual question, but I just to be sure you understand what you're getting into. I'm guessing from the output you posted that your WiFi shield is connecting successfully to your home (?) WiFi network, or at least one that you know. The accuracy of GPS is not that different from the range of WiFi. Often times, you can get within 10 feet or so, but it's not really guaranteed.

Are you thinking that the device you are building will be able to be taken outside of the ABERLY WiFi coverage area, but still report the position via the internet?

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Yes and no.  Game plan is to setup several long range wifi extenders.  This should be fine for the purposes I need.  So I could take it outside and it broadcast the GPS position of the devise via the Internet.  I could set it up on a cellular network, but for now I want to set it up on wifi.

Does anyone know a tutorial series or class on working with this kind of thing that's useful?