longer mounting screws

longer mounting screws
« on: March 07, 2016, 07:08:38 PM »
I sometimes find 4 boards a bit limiting, I can work around by mounting 2 screws higher and 2 screws lower (hence only 2 screws holding a few of the boards) but would prefer dedicated mounting screws for larger stacks.  More mounting screw choices in general would be great.

Re: longer mounting screws
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I support this.  Is there a source for longer screws?  I could not find anything/anyplace obvious as a source.


Re: longer mounting screws
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There are a few suggestions for threaded rod at http://forum.tiny-circuits.com/index.php?topic=221

This somehow dropped off our list of things we really need to carry, I've added it back on.

Re: longer mounting screws
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This is so called M1.2 screw, which comes with various length. You can order at

Or if you can read Chinese, you can order really low cost version at