Question about WiFi TinyShield. Why did it faile to get socket?

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Hi, I  have a question about WiFi TinyShield.
Now I use WiFi TinyShield and tried to run  “ntpTest” which is prepared as a sample sketch of Adafruit CC3000 Library.

the sample sketch (ntp Test) was used by the tutorial of WiFi TinyShield as well.

I run the sample sketch in the same way as the tutorial, but I got the following message from serial monitor.
I could connect to the wifi, however failed to get socket.
Why couldn’t the shield get socket ?  Tell me please.

PC: Mac
Arduino: ver 1.6.7
—————————Message from serial monitor—————————

Code: [Select]
Hello, CC3000!

Free RAM: 821

Initialising the CC3000 ...
Firmware V. : 1.32

Deleting old connection profiles

Attempting to connect to “myNetwork”
Request DHCP
Failed to get a socket
exit sntp.update
m_std_UTC_offset.seconds: FFFFB9B0
m_dst_UTC_offset.seconds: FFFFC7C0

Closing the connection


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