Beginner I/O Female Board -- Mini Breadboard

Beginner I/O Female Board -- Mini Breadboard
« on: July 30, 2013, 11:29:54 AM »
Instead of having the proto board(s) with solder points for the connections. Why not have female connecters like the real arduinos? You could connect it the same way to the Proccesor board, but instead of the I/O's coming out as solder joints they could be female connectors. In the hobby robot market almost all the robots use male to male wire connectors from arduinos to breadboards/servos(So it'd make sense to have female connectors on tinyduino). This could help expand Tiny Circuits into the micro robot hobbyist community. On that topic you could also maybe make a mini breadboard. I attached an example of what I'm thinking. This could maker it easier in projects too place breadboards in "smaller" areas. I don't know if this is possible (probably not but worth a shot) to make them so they can connect together and form a line, square and maybe if there was enough connecting points the shapes could be endless :o One last thing, maybe you could make the breadboards in different shapes (like you do the tinyduino) A star, circle, robot shape, sun, let your imagination go.  :D

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Re: Beginner I/O Female Board -- Mini Breadboard
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Can you post a link to what you are talking about?

1> You could just solder in some male or female headers.

2> Star shapes??? oh man, the round ones are hard enough to cut out as it is.

*note, we looked into getting some header pins but we need to keep looking, They are expensive!

Re: Beginner I/O Female Board -- Mini Breadboard
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I like this idea as well.  It would get people up and running with prototyping much faster.  It could just be the proto1 shield with female connectors.


Re: Beginner I/O Female Board -- Mini Breadboard
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I just bought some female headers from Digikey (part #A115164-ND) and soldered them to the Proto1 board.  Sounds like just what you want.  The pins are pretty close for soldering, but I managed.  I also bought some male headers that match, Digikey part #952-2278-ND.