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I've got an Tinyduino set up with a Solar Panel that feeds into the charging circuit.  I've been testing it out on the dash of my truck for the past few months.  Works fine, but with the Lithium Ion Polymer Battery option from Tiny Circuits there isn't enough juice to keep it alive throughout the night (I've verified with a battery that I know was 100% charged... ) 

What I believe is happening is that the battery simply doesn't have enough capacity to absorb all the energy that the Solar Cell is producing during the day.   I'd like to find a battery that I could just replace this one with that has more capacity.

Any off the shelf batteries that would solve this?


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Sounds like a very cool project!

The TinyDuino can use and charge standard 3.7V Lithium-ion / Lithium-polymer batteries.  We'll eventually have more options, but you can definitely use a larger battery (Sparkfun and Adafruit both have many options).  You will either need to solder the battery into the board, or cut the connector off of one of our batteries and solder it onto the new battery.




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