receiving video with TinyScreen?


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I'm looking into TinyScreen for an art project with pirates. It consists of a stuffed animal (a parrot on a pirates shoulder) containing an USB camera and probably a Raspberry PI to grab and transmit the video somehow. On the other end the video is somehow received (maybe another Raspberry PI, or directly by Tinyduino, and showed in a TinyScreen hidden in an eye patch (maybe more a steampunk like construction because of the necessary distance between TinyScreen and eye).
The second step is to allow to transmit the voice of the TinyScreen-holding person to the parrot (with some parrot-sound modification), but that might use the same devices and ways ...

My general question is:
Is the TinyScreen/Tinyduino capable to show the video with some usable fps (min. 1-5)? Could that be achieved with the 433MHz transmitter (so both persons can have some distance), oder do I need Bluetooth oder WiFi?
Holger, Germany
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I think that having the videos you need to show on the tinyscreen on local SD storage would be a much simpler option than trying to send video to it remotely, there is code for video playback on the tinyscreen on hackster here <>.


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Unfortunately I don't think this will work well and you'll have quite a bit of screen jitter.  Part of the issue is that you won't be able to buffer up the data in RAM since there isn't enough, so you'll have to write it out to the screen as it comes in, so the refresh rate will be very bad and noticeable.  Also the data for one frame is quite a bit (6144 bytes), with all the radio overhead you will be really limited on how many frames you can send per second.




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