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Hi all,

I have an idea for an arduino project but, im struggling to find a arduino that I think will be small enough.

Our cat has to be a house cat for the next few months so iv been looking at toys and other stuff to keep her occupied, which is when I came across Sphero which, I really like the idea of and im pretty sure I could recreate a similar device using a Arduino Mini. The Sphero can be controlled via bluetooth via an app, I`m not too bothered about this (thankgod) but having it as a radio controlled vehicle would be nice.

The main things I want are two motors to drive it and id like it to be fairly quick, so i`m assuming a couple of DC motors would be the way to go.

accelerometer might not be needed but, would be nice.

Bluetooth communications.

also id like it to be run off a rechargeable battery some like a Lithium Ion

both the tinyduini and the tinylilly do everything I need but I want to be sure before I go off and buy everything, the plastic ball I want to use is 3" in diameter so it would need to fit inside that with the motors and whichever shields I need to run it.

i`v been messing around with raspberry pi's for a few years but this is my first venture into Arduino land so i`d love to hear any advice or guidance


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Hi bugs78,

Your idea sounds cool! The Motor X4 TinyShield and Bluetooth module are compatible, based on Because the accelerometer only uses SDA and SCL, you could add that too. Your biggest challenge is going to be getting a small enough battery that can power the TinyDuino and the motors. Check out some online R/C suppliers (HobbyKing, Hobbypartz, etc.) for batteries. Take a look at cheap R/C helicopters, as their motor size and batteries are probably pretty close to what you need.

All the best,



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The new Tiny Circuit LiPo's for the latest TinyDuino are very small and last a long time. Sounds like a fun, doable project.


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