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The most general form of my question is, is it possible to expand the I/O of TinyDuino?  For example, there are 6 analog inputs, but a project I'm working on could take more than 6.  Is there a way around this without going to one of the larger Arduino form factors?  I have looked into whether it is possible to communicate between stacks (where one stack consists of a processor and some arbitrary selection of shields), but the only thing I saw along those lines on the forums was about Bluetooth communications from one TinyDuino to another.  But in that thread, it was mentioned that the Bluetooth that would allow that is no longer in use by TinyDuino.

Does anyone have ideas about how to expand I/O or do stack to stack communications?

Thank you.

Edit 7 May, 2015:  Apparently, the Arduino solution to this is to gang two Arduinos together using I2C so you have a master/slave connection.  If the master Arduino is powering the slave(s), then power has to go into the slave VIN, GND hooks up to GND, and the A4 and A5 ports get connected to one another.  To do this with more than one slave, as far as I can figure would require building a physical bus in essence.  To cap it all of is the Arduino Wire library, which has ways of coding for the master controller and the slave controller.  A more in depth discussion is on the Arduino site: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MasterWriter
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You can connect another Arduino, but an external I2C DAC chip is the easy way to go- we don't have one available yet, but you can grab a breakout board from another vendor. We'll be using TI's ADS1115 which has a nice Arduino library available.


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