TinyScreen+ capabilities vs. NotSoTinySandwich

TinyScreen+ capabilities vs. NotSoTinySandwich
« on: April 26, 2016, 04:44:29 PM »
I have a watch project that I need to get back to. It uses the TinyScreen, TinyDuino, TinyRTC and lithium battery all stuffed in your 3D printed
watch case. The TinyScreen+ appears to have all that built in. Which leads to a couple of questions:

1. Is there a backup battery for the built-in RTC?
2. Will you be making a "watch case" to accommodate the new module?
3. Should I expect a difference in power usage? Are there lower power modes in the older or newer hardware?
4. The most problematic aspect of the project at the moment is the need to take it apart to charge it. You have to pull apart the sandwich,
    add in the USB board, charge the battery, take apart the sandwich, put it back together without the USB, and re-assemble. Will there be better
    charging options for a watch?


Re: TinyScreen+ capabilities vs. NotSoTinySandwich
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Hi- I certainly remember your project. TS+ was definitely designed to address these shortcomings as well as possible:

1. No- I decided not to try because the RTC hardware is cleared when the processor is reset anyway, however, see #3
2. We'll have something available, but don't have a time frame. The O Watch case should be available for purchase and fits TS+.
3. Rev4 TinyScreen boards do not have a low power mode, Rev5 do. I don't remember the exact numbers for those, but TS+ is under 0.2mA standby with the RTC running- that's a theoretical 2 month standby with the new 270mAh battery, so it's actually fairly likely it can be used without losing power.
4. Right- the new board has USB built in without directly adding any thickness, so as long as the case accommodates it, you can just plug a charger in, and that's that.

The forum was a bit borked as you probably noticed- should be good now.

Re: TinyScreen+ capabilities vs. NotSoTinySandwich
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Thanks for the info, Ben. As you consider a watch case with the TS+ in mind, please keep ease of charging in mind!