I2C interface - How and where?

I2C interface - How and where?
« on: June 27, 2013, 12:23:18 PM »
Hi guys,

just discovered the TinyDuino, its "family" :-)  and all the wonders you can do with them. And joined the forum. A couple of months ago I started playing with Arduino (Mega2560 more precisely), BeagleBoard, connecting them together and eventually building a small robot platform driven by a mini wireless keyboard. Nothing exceptional, just an extensive exercise to get familiar with the two boards. The two boards are connected and communicating to each other by I2C through a level shifter. The main reason for that is you can fit lots of sensors with not so much wiring. Now of course my interest is in how small I can go with the electronics. At least on the Arduino side. Hence the TinyDuino. I tried to find out more precise technical details if the I2C interface is implemented on TinyDuino in the same way as its larger counterpart or (more probably) on any of its shields but I can't find any data sheet or equivalent document reporting this kind of info (apart from some mention on the Accelerometer and GPS ?).

I just read from http://forum.tiny-circuits.com/index.php?topic=64.msg159#msg159 that proper technical information on all products will be provided in the future, but in the meantime it would be nice to know if and how I can at least start experimenting with some I2C connectivity.

Many thanks and keep up with the good work ;-)

Re: I2C interface - How and where?
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Hi Fermil,

Yes, I2C is definitely supported, as are all the signals from the standard Arduino Uno.  The I2C signals are the AD5/SCL (I2C Clock) and AD4/SDA (I2C Data).  You can get access to these signals from some of the Prototyping boards for your application.

These signals are also available on the TinyLily Mini. 



Re: I2C interface - How and where?
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Hi Ken, thanks very much for your reply. Now it's all much clearer. So, if I understand correctly, to power up 4 DC motors and use I2C I need the processor board, a prototyping board (any would do for I2C) and the motor shield. The USB/ICP one can be removed after flashing up the code and powering down the system, can't it? (assuming I don't need to change the control software any longer).
Thanks again.