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This isn't really a circuit idea, but more of a peripheral.  I'm using a tiny circuit to build a watch right now.  I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to rig up a watch strap to it.  I'm sure I'll buy a cheap strap and attach it to some plastic or just strip down a cheap Walmart watch and stick my circuit on that.  Wouldn't it be cool though to have a watch strap with a pre-drilled platform for attaching tiny circuits to?

Along with this, a watch-sized LCD board would be handy too, but not really critical for my project.  Just sayin'.  Combined with the bluetooth, could pair with your phone and display all sorts of secondary information, incoming calls, etc.  Throw in some vibrating motors to notify you of alerts.  And on and on.


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I had built a watch with a Seeduino Film, which has an OLED shield.  I'd like to try to do it over again, this time using the tinyduino.  The OLED has the disadvantage of always drawing current while it's on, so I was thinking I'd try the transflective LCD that the Pebble uses, though perhaps a smaller version since there won't be any graphics anyway :-)
BLE would be essential too, perhaps one of the TI chips.

Anyway, my design is over at, you can see it's been a while since I played with it at all...


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Haha, you would be eating some jello just as the watch starts to vibrate! JELLO SHAKING EVERYWHERE!

Did you see the Cat tracking collar that Ken made?

He just cut two slots in the side of a tictac container and ran a strap through it.  Maybe you can make something like that.


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Here is a very cool Arduino based DIY Digital Wristwatch. He includes all the Source code, EAGLE schematic and board layout files.

BTW, His blog is great! It is chock full of electronics goodness!


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