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Can you take a shorter video?

Otherwise, you can message us through our contact form and we can get you some replacement hardware:
TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Re: #include "src/IRremote/IRremote.h"
« Last post by jgavlik on Today at 12:56:03 PM »
OK...I think I see the difference...there are actually two (2) Tiny TV video player Arduino S/W files on the website....they are...

//  TinyCircuits TinyTV Video Player - that uses the IR controller and probably is the one that goes into the 3D printed TV
//  TinyCircuits Tiny Arcade Video Player - that doesn't - and is sort of a stand-alone board set that can work with the Arcade

I guess I compiled the latter (//  TinyCircuits Tiny Arcade Video Player) that is somewhat different from the former

I don't see any issue with the pins.  I have both boards out of the housing.  I also gave the contacts a blast of air in case there was something I couldn't see on my phone's zoom. 

It just doesn't seem to consistently work.  It will recognized the card maybe 1 times our of 40 (or more?). 

I took a video if that helps - but it would be a big file to send
TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Re: #include "src/IRremote/IRremote.h"
« Last post by jgavlik on Today at 12:14:56 PM »
Thanks!....but what is this

It came with all the tabs at the top and I got it to compile instantly and see videos...which is which??


It seems like there is a bad connection. It doesn't happen often, but it's possible that some of the pins on the tan connectors could be bent from assembly at an angle. Are you able to inspect the pins on the connectors of the SD & Audio Shield and the TinyScreen+ and see any issues? If there are no issues, I do recommend a reassembly - don't forget to add the bracket pieces inside the TV to keep the two boards together.

If that doesn't work, you can try taking all the hardware outside of the TV to see if you can note any fitting difficulties or if it works outside of the case. It's possible the tolerance of thickness of the TV print is preventing a good connection between the two boards.

Let me know how it goes.

TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Re: #include "src/IRremote/IRremote.h"
« Last post by lennevia on Today at 11:20:50 AM »
The tcConfigure() is an audio function that is necessary to having audio with the TV - the audio.ino file has the definition of this function and should be in the zipped folder of the TinyTV program.

You need to unzip the entire folder without moving where the main files are - you should see all the file tabs are at the top of the IDE. The program will not work or compile if you only open the TinyTV.ino file. If you have the correct hardware, selections, and the unmodified code as can be downloaded from the tutorial, then you should be able to compile. I recommend starting with the code as is from the download.

Attached is how a picture of the unzipped folder should look. From there you can double click any of the .ino files to open them all in the Arduino IDE - this is what you should replicate.


TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Re: Card Not Found issue related to power switch
« Last post by AndyMo on August 15, 2022, 06:35:44 PM »
update - that only seemed to work a couple of times.  Re-seating no longer seems to fix the problem anymore.   I checked the card on my PC (all good - it worked a couple of times on the Tiny TV as well).
TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Re: #include "src/IRremote/IRremote.h"
« Last post by jgavlik on August 15, 2022, 06:33:31 PM »
That works (thanks!)....but now I'm getting a  tcConfigure(30720) was not declared in this scope (see below)....and after commenting that line below out, it pops up another "readCodes() not declared in this scope" message on another instruction....I'm attempting to simply compile TinyTV....what am I missing.  -john

void setup(void) {
  analogWrite(A0, analogRead(A0));//Set audio output to avoid picking up noise, even if audio isn't used
//  tcConfigure(30720);
  irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
  if (!sd.begin(10, SPI_FULL_SPEED)) {
  if (display.getButtons(TSButtonUpperRight)) {
    if (display.getButtons(TSButtonUpperRight)) {
  if (!fullVolume) {
    volume = 3;
TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Card Not Found issue related to power switch
« Last post by AndyMo on August 15, 2022, 06:23:31 PM »
I am having trouble getting my TinyTV working.  If I re-seat the Shield and turn on the TV everything works okay.  However, once I turn off the TV using the sliding switch it will no recognize the card/shield.  Sliding the power button back up just gives me the old Card Not Found! error.   It seems the connection between the shield and main PCB is really precarious/flakey and it disturbed by the motion of the slide switch.

Anything you recommend that I can do? 

thank you - Andy
TinyTV & Tiny Video Player / Re: #include "src/IRremote/IRremote.h"
« Last post by lennevia on August 15, 2022, 03:50:41 PM »

If you want to use the library directly instead of using the src folder pathing, you can place the IRremote folder in your /Documents/Arduino/libraries/ folder. Then you would call it from the code like
Code: [Select]
#include <IRremote.h>
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