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General Discussion / Re: graphicsbuffer.h
« Last post by lennevia on March 30, 2020, 02:46:35 PM »
Hmm, I can't say I've run into that issue before!

Probably something to do with it not being in the right place. You can go through the Library Installation page to check and see what might have gone wrong so it doesn't happen again: https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Help/Installing_Libraries_Tutorial/
Latest update: With no wirelings connected, indeed all servos are set to mid.

However, the claw is assembles closed and therefore when the final code is run with wirelings connected, the claw attempts to close from mid and jams.

The claw servo needs to be initialized to closed buy plugging it in to a SPECIFIC servo connection on the RobotZero board and then the users need to keep track of that servo and make SURE it is used to assemble the claw.

This might be a little difficult to explain and properly execute.
General Discussion / Re: graphicsbuffer.h
« Last post by tstorm on March 30, 2020, 08:40:34 AM »
Not sure what I did, but now it seems to work. Now on to my next issue!!!
General Discussion / graphicsbuffer.h
« Last post by tstorm on March 29, 2020, 09:44:13 PM »
I've tried to search for an answer but when I try to add the graphicsbuffer library from the add .zip and the download from the hand washing example it says there is no valid library.
Am I missing something?
Thank you
Happy to hear you like them! We are looking to include animations in the future in a web page to show how pieces fit together.
I still don't think things are correct yet.

In the assembly instructions, I read
STEP 6: NOTE: Calibrate all servos before continuing to do this plug all servos into the RobotZero processor with a charged battery (to charge: plug the battery into the RobotZero, and plug the RobotZero into a power source using a Micro USB cable). When plugged in, the servos will be centered. Be careful not to move the output shafts once calibrated.

But when I look at the latest code I see this in setup()
Code: [Select]
  servo.setServo(1, 1500);
  servo.setServo(2, 1500);
  servo.setServo(3, 1500);
  servo.setServo(4, 1500);

Which WILL center the servos, however, 1 second later, the servos are moved to different positions:
Code: [Select]
  servo.setServo(frontBackServo, 2200);
  servo.setServo(upDownServo, scanningHeightServoPosition);

Which sets the claw to closed (I think this is correct because the claw is assembled closed in the assembly instructions)

However, I'm not sure if the frontBackServo and upDownServo assembly matches these servo arm positions.

I'll take the robot apart, run this code and then complete the assembly and let you know.
The new assembly instructions are WONDERFUL with the green color coding to show important locations in the assembly step.
Hello Alan,

We made the edits to the pictures and the wording that you suggested. You can review the changes here:

Tiny Arm Assembly
Hello Alan,

It looks like there was some sort of bug in the servo code. It was fixed up by Ben, and will be corrected on the website. For now, it is corrected in the GitHub repo, and you can download it:

Premium Robot Kit Corrected Code
The RobotZero preprogrammed code does not calibrate all servos the same.
(It does not even calibrate all the servos)

In order to assemble the arm, the servos need to be calibrated.

What servo angle should be used for calibrating prior to assembling of the arm?

(I also used the RobotArmExample, but it also drives different servos to different angles so calibration is not possible using that.)
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