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User Projects / Code Examples / Re: Flash Controlled LED Shield
« on: July 20, 2013, 10:46:08 PM »
TinyDuino folks, an update - Set up a standard FlashDevelop project and wrote a few classes and by the end of the night - I have an awesome working "Flash-To-TinyDuino" project.  After my issue with the 'comm-baud', it was a relatively simple bit of Flash code.  However, due to how the "serproxy" app runs, there is some time between when Flash sends the info and when the Arduino receives it.  Thus, 'spamming' the keyboard quickly will not bring about the expected results.  I will look into that to see if there is a solution to that.

Thanks again TinyCircuits for an excellent product!

User Projects / Code Examples / Re: Flash Controlled LED Shield
« on: July 14, 2013, 11:12:02 AM »
Update for the TinyDuino folk - yep, it was something basic.  I read that Arduino projects are set to "comm_baud=9600".  However, it needs to be set to '57600'.  There is a comment in the "serproxy.cfg" that says - "With StandardFirmata try 57600". I admit I totally missed that!

Now, I have to set up my FlashDevelop and I can begin my project!  (maybe update this post to my progress?)

Have to say that this TinyDuino is very cool - thanks Tiny Circuits!

User Projects / Code Examples / Flash Controlled LED Shield
« on: July 10, 2013, 09:12:53 PM »
Hi TinyDuino people!  I have a project I am trying to do and I need some advice/comments.  When I saw TinyShield LED on KickStarter, I knew is was perfect for my idea, but I've run into a problem.

I would like to control, via ActionScript 3 (using Flash CS5 and FlashDevelop 4.4.2) and a standard keyboard, the 16 LEDs.  So far I've been able to locate some websites with some information regarding this, but have not had any success yet. 

Things I've already done:
- Loaded the TinyDuino with Firmata (using
- Tested the TinyDuino with the "firmata_test.exe" app - all runs good, I tested all the LEDs and they work fine, turn on and off as expected.
- Edited "serproxy.cfg" for the correct COM port, using comm_baud=9600, comm_databits=8, comm_stopbits=1, comm_parity=none.
- Started "serproxy.exe" and made sure it was working.
- Downloaded the "as3Glue.swc" and added it too the correct global path in Flash.

Now, here is where things go wrong for me.  I've tried the files from "" and when I test it, I see that serproxy gets a connection, but the flash say "connecting..." and never connects.  I've also tried a few other files from other sources and can not get it to talk to the TinyDuino.

If anyone has a website/book/etc that might explain how to talk from Flash to Arduino and back, it would be much appreciated!  I am hoping I am just missing something basic.


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