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New Product Ideas / Re: RTC board with a few extras
« on: September 24, 2012, 11:06:02 PM »

I like it - I like it alot.  I'm all for you going forward with your board, I'm really glad to see others designing with this platform now!

Dave does have a point about splitting up the boards, although the one you designed is tailored mostly for your application.  We do plan on coming out with an RTC shield at some point, so you could possibly use that as well and just do the board for your specific OLED panel. 

The other issue is that the prototyping boards are assumed to be at the top of the stack for easy soldering and to allow high connectors, so without the stackable shield connectors, a user using this board would not be able to stack another board on top of it.  Do you see anyway to support the stacking function?



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