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Have you added TinyCircuits to your "Additional Boards Manager URLs" under Preferences? You need to add this link before you can install the boards:

If you're still getting the error, check your firewall settings to make sure Arduino IDE can communicate with the Internet.

Hi Fisu,

When you scrape the resistor, you have to scrape it to the point of the circuit flowing open, with no resistance. I think that's the primary issue. I don't see anything wrong with the code at a glance, but if you still want to check, there is a reference manual and an example program in this GitHub repository for the TinyCircuits Dual Motor library.

Let me know if that works!

- Lilith

I'll rebuild the app-debug apk so that won't be an issue in the future. Sorry for any confusion that caused! Didn't realize the folder didn't have the new apk.

Thanks for bumping this, @Chasesound! To put it simply - yes, it is possible. What you will most likely have to do is purchase one of our proto boards and solder/attach your own camera module. Note that the TinyScreens are 96x64 (3:2) when you're looking for a module - you'll want to find something close to that ratio and resolution to make compression easier. Memory management (e.g, the screen buffer) on limited RAM is also another challenge, but not impossible. You'll likely consume considerably more power than your standard Arduino project - keep this in mind when evaluating power sources.

TL;DR - It's entirely possible, but comes with its own set of challenges. Good luck building!

Hi Dirk,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm an employee at TinyCircuits - Ben and I were working on solving your issue yesterday. If you check the Github repository for the Android app, it should have a new APK with the 'Sync Time' button that you're missing! Please let us know after you install the APK if you are still having issues. Thanks!


Tiny Arcade & Pocket Arcade / Re: New game and movie converter
« on: March 01, 2017, 10:05:12 PM »
1.02 is still not working. Both mp4 and avi files create temp folder, but there are no files in the folder.
It is an error in converting movies to png or wav.
I will take time on weekends. Thank you.

No rush! Thank you for being so helpful. I've been looking for an application type TSV converter, and yours is perfect! My coworkers tested it on their computers, and it works for them. I have a feeling my desktop PC may be an exception.

Tiny Arcade & Pocket Arcade / Re: New game and movie converter
« on: March 01, 2017, 04:07:55 PM »
1.02 is still not working. Both mp4 and avi files create temp folder, but there are no files in the folder. I ran it in administrator mode to see if it was a permissions problem, no results. However, I figured out something new - the program does work on my personal laptop. My problem is getting it to work on my company computer. They both run on Windows 10. Both are 64x processors and 64 bit OS. If you need any additional information to determine this bug, I'm happy to provide it.

Tiny Arcade & Pocket Arcade / Re: New game and movie converter
« on: March 01, 2017, 12:55:14 PM »
A "temp" folder was created, but contained no files. I did attempt to convert an mp4 with no results. The videos I picked were not in the same folder as the program. I will give ver 1.02 a try this afternoon. No worries about your English - I really appreciate your help!

Tiny Arcade & Pocket Arcade / Re: New game and movie converter
« on: February 28, 2017, 05:39:02 PM »
Hey kuran_kuran, love TinySTG! It's a ton of fun. I am having some problems with the video converter. I can run the program, but when I select a file (.avi) and select "Convert", it says it's done converting but nothing happened. There is no converted video in my folder. Do videos need to be a 3 : 2 ratio to be converted? Is there a file size limit? Or, do I need to have certain drivers or software to run your program? I would appreciate your help determining the problem.

Could you post a screenshot of your code environment? There could be something there that's possibly wrong. Also, is it just the accelerometer attached to the TinyDuino, or do you have other boards as well? There should be no compatibility issues I imagine but I could see about reproducing your issue.

It certainly could, but if the nodes are strategically placed and can handle master/slave mode simultaneously, I imagine it could be possible bounce a signal from node to node until it hits a node within range of a device that's currently scanning for advertising peripherals. (Let me know if that's worded confusingly.) It's sort of like a mesh network, replacing WiFi with Bluetooth connectivity. As long as one node is in range of another, they can talk to each other and find someone who can talk to you.

This is a really interesting idea. I'm thinking you could make a Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi node network, have the network report to a central processor or computer that could send the SMS. Set each of the nodes to listen for a different sound. Could allow for better portability and flexibility for a user. Love the Akron creativity here. :)

This is fantastic! Love all the animations and the integrated motion control. Super, super creative project. I was glued to the video until the end. I'd love to make this into a TinyCircuits customer project feature - if you'd be interested in participating in something like that, toss me an email at

Lilith Freed

TinyDuino Processors & TinyShields / Re: TinyScreen+ Smartwatch
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:38:41 PM »
You can use the example sketches for the OWatch as a starting point for your watch interface:

While it does not include the BLE connectivity, it can hopefully give you an idea of what differences there are between the TS and TS+!

Tiny Arcade & Pocket Arcade / Re: Stupid question
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:17:07 PM »
No worries about the question - it should turn off once the battery is fully charged. Sorry if you already got an answer!

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