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Sorry to have you try again, but can you confirm that the bootloader button is pressed at startup? A good way is to have the bare board with the battery unplugged and power switch turned on, then press all the buttons firmly and plug the USB in.

If that's still not working, please send an email through my profile so we can figure this out.


Thank you Ben. That did the trick.  TS+ is back now and I am again successfully uploading sketches. Thanks again for your help.

Not sure this is relevant to your situation, but I have been having connection problems between my O Watch (TS+) and my mac.  I found that if I use Tools|Port in the Arduino IDE to select a different port (doesn't matter which one), then re-select the correct one (cu.usbmodem1411 in my case), everything magically works.

Does "cu.usbmodemxxxx" show up in your port list when the O Watch is plugged in (and turned on)?

Unfortunately, no. My only two ports presently shown in the Arduino IDE, with the O-watch TS+ on and attached via USB, are "/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port and /dev/cu.LightBlue-Bean." When my TS+ was showing up as a port, (when it was working), it would register as a third port. Like you, when it was working, I found I could select a different port in Arduino IDE, return, and name was updated correctly.  I could then coax it to upload sketches. No longer however.

Thank you for your response.

Question: Suggestions, tips, tricks How to get (O-watch) TinyScreen+ to show up again as serial port?

DETAIL: I got my kickstarter O-watch (& sensor board) TinyScreen+. Yeah!! I had success uploading many sketches on both OSX and Ubuntu however sometimes required fiddling (power cycle TinyScreen+, unplug, plug back in, try upload twice.) I am at the point now however where my TinyScreen+ no longer shows up ever as an available serial port on OSX, Ubuntu, or Windows. I have tried the power on with closest button depressed multiple times with no success, known good USB cable, TinyScreen+ [ASM2022 Rev. 3] Only indication is the charge LED. I am out of ideas so welcome suggestions. Thank you.

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