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User Projects / Code Examples / Flash Controlled LED Shield
« on: July 10, 2013, 09:12:53 PM »
Hi TinyDuino people!  I have a project I am trying to do and I need some advice/comments.  When I saw TinyShield LED on KickStarter, I knew is was perfect for my idea, but I've run into a problem.

I would like to control, via ActionScript 3 (using Flash CS5 and FlashDevelop 4.4.2) and a standard keyboard, the 16 LEDs.  So far I've been able to locate some websites with some information regarding this, but have not had any success yet. 

Things I've already done:
- Loaded the TinyDuino with Firmata (using
- Tested the TinyDuino with the "firmata_test.exe" app - all runs good, I tested all the LEDs and they work fine, turn on and off as expected.
- Edited "serproxy.cfg" for the correct COM port, using comm_baud=9600, comm_databits=8, comm_stopbits=1, comm_parity=none.
- Started "serproxy.exe" and made sure it was working.
- Downloaded the "as3Glue.swc" and added it too the correct global path in Flash.

Now, here is where things go wrong for me.  I've tried the files from "" and when I test it, I see that serproxy gets a connection, but the flash say "connecting..." and never connects.  I've also tried a few other files from other sources and can not get it to talk to the TinyDuino.

If anyone has a website/book/etc that might explain how to talk from Flash to Arduino and back, it would be much appreciated!  I am hoping I am just missing something basic.


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